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Year to Date Performance

December 21,2020 to February 16, 2021

This is a quick progress report covering how our portfolios are performing year to date. It is a short period but very encouraging.

Our more comprehensive research is backed up by software that provides the financial history of virtually every publicly traded company in the world.

The New York and Toronto markets have gained in value throughout the period, but our portfolio returns net of all expenses, have produced much higher returns.

TSX gain: 5.5%                S&P 500 gain: 4.67%                  Composite gain: 5.08%
Global fund: 8.31%          High Income Fund: 6.29%         Composite return 7.3%

The Global Fund returns are total fund returns that are diluted by bond holdings and cash reserves that will soon be invested in equities.

The pure equity returns adjusted for dilution exceeded 13% for the period, which is almost two and a half times the market returns.

The dilution was due to the time required to build the portfolios from a 100% cash/bond position.

All portfolios are expected to be fully invested by the end of February. This performance may not be repeated, but we will be trying to do better.

I am convinced that our investment process is profoundly superior to any alternative on the market. This is because our research people delve so deeply into the global economy that they are frequently ahead of the market.

Individual investments are selected for purchase or sale by mathematical calculations that analyses Price, Volatility and Volume. This approach recognizes that in addition to the individual company and economic fundamentals, analysis of market activity is important to the outcome.

Please call if you would like more information.
Bruce Sansom

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