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Thank you for visiting our website. Most people who visit us want to know how we would manage their investment portfolio and what separates us from other wealth managers.

We are confident you will agree that our investment process and disciplines are profoundly superior to the methods practiced by other wealth managers. We actually manage risk in our portfolios by actively adjusting the mix of investments through the economic cycle. We do not rely on the “long term” to bail us out of a bad decision.

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Speaking of "bad decisions".  We do not practice market timing, but do adjust the composition of our portfolios when the economy is slowing, when interest rates are rising and when government policy is reducing monetary liquidity.  These conditions cause painful losses to portfolio values. We call it  GIP ( GDP Growth, Inflation & Policy).

All these indicators are presently negative for financial markets and protecting capital is essential.  Investors are advised to hold for the long term. We disagree because it takes too long to recover lost portfolio values.

It is estimated by our consultants that after the current correction, it could take 10 - 12 years of zero returns before markets recover to currrent levels.

Anyone over 50 should carefully consider this history due to potential damage to a Financial Plan.

The chart below illustrates the long history of zero returns following major corrections.




Our Investment Process


The economy and markets are cyclical and the cyclicality presents both money making and risk management opportunities through the cycle. There are always opportunities to profit no matter what kind of market is in place.

Our investment process divides the economic cycle into 4 Quadrants based on growth of GDP and the rate of Inflation.

Comprehensive analysis of the economy and financial markets provides the framework to ascertain with some confidence, which Quadrant is at play.  Historical observation identifies the assets that perform the best and worst in each Quadrant of the cycle.



The table below illustrates how the asset mix is changed through the Quads in response to the rate of growth of both GDP and inflation. The adjustments deliver a timely defensive posture in Quad 3 and 4 and a more opportunistic posture in Quad 1 and 2. Both the sensitivity to the direction of the market (Beta) is adjusted as is the composition of the portfolio.

quad chart


Stock selection is based on extensive analysis of the fundamentals of a company and discussion with management, plus three other mathematical calculations to improve timeliness of the buy and sell decisions:


  • Price of the shares.
  • Direction of the trading volume
  • Range of price volatility.

This process greatly improves the timing of buying and selling stocks based upon mathematics, not by poorly researched commentary of brokers or media personnel.

Our portfolios are diversified across numerous countries, which are operating in the most attractive Quadrant.

Above all, we believe it is extremely important to avoid major cyclical downturns that in a short period of time may confiscate many years of portfolio gains.

This is a short overview of our investment policies and disciplines to manage risk and achieve superior performance through all market conditions. We hope it is clearly evident that our approach is profoundly superior to other methods.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide more information

we offer a free GWealth review of your Portfolio


Portfolio Review As a free service, we provide a comprehensive review of your existing portfolio.

 We will provide a comparison disclosing how your portfolio is structured in relation to the market.

 We will indentify the investment style being executed, the risk characteristics and a complete analysis of the investment attributes of your portfolio.

 We will illustrate how your portfolio is or is not appropriate to your tolerance for risk and your objectives.



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