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Thank you for visiting our website. Most people visiting our site are curious about the professional investment services we offer or they may not be enjoying solid peace of mind that professional management should provide.

The following information discloses how your money and investments are kept safe with a third party custodian and our investment selection disciplines designed to meet your objectives.


Our Investment Process


Managing investment portfolios is a complex endeavor but we will do our best to describe our investment process in understandable terms and how we determine the best asset mix and which investments to buy or sell.

This is probably the most important information you need in order to feel comfortable with how your portfolio is cared for and enable you to enjoy peace of mind through the economic cycles.



The Macro Economic Outlook is Extremely Important.


ExpertsWe devote many hours of study to the Global and North American economies. In addition to our own research, we subscribe to the research of numerous independent organizations and other professional investors that are recognized among the best in the business.

This diverse group is our value chain of Economists, Demographers and Investment Professionals. Their input broadens our knowledge and understanding of the economy and the investment environment. 

This “Top Down” information sets the stage for us to determine the best asset mix and allocate portfolio exposure to the most attractive industries and corporations.



How we select investments to buy or sell.

Our service is focused upon the management of Stocks, Bonds and Exchange Traded Funds, Listed on a Recognized Exchange.


 The “buy” decision is a process which enables us to rank all of the stocks on the market, both the general market and specific industry groups by each company’s fundamental value, historic performance and potential investment return.

We believe the most important attribute of a company is the return on capital invested to operate the business. We combine the Return on Capital with the Earnings Yield, which is the reciprocal of the Price to Earnings ratio. By combining these two attributes, we are able to measure both the profitability of a company and the amount we are paying for those profits.

This approach enables us to rank every stock in the universe and focus our portfolios in the top 35 most attractive companies and industry groups.

To help us determine the best price of entry or sale; we monitor both the momentum and technical position of the opportunity. We also assess the appropriateness of balance sheet strength and leverage.

The above is a brief outline of how we combine the economic/investment environment with our stock selection process.

 The “Sell” decision is executed with the same disciplines. If a company loses its position in the top 35, it is sold.

We hope this explanation effectively discloses the basics of our process and the disciplines we adhere to. 

We would be pleased to provide additional information.


we offer a free GWealth review of your Portfolio


Portfolio Review As a free service, we provide a comprehensive review of your existing portfolio.

 We will provide a comparison disclosing how your portfolio is structured in relation to the market.

 We will indentify the investment style being executed, the risk characteristics and a complete analysis of the investment attributes of your portfolio.

 We will illustrate how your portfolio is or is not appropriate to your tolerance for risk and your objectives.



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